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The French Superkart Championship will be unveiled in a few days concerning its practical details and the whole of its calendar however some information in preview will answer the questions that the European competitors are likely to arise following the disclosure of various projects. Five events will be held in 2017 with a season that will start late in mid-April, allowing everyone to better prepare.

ouverture saison 2017

The main information is that this Championship which follows the rules CIK will remain the only Open Championship in continental Europe and even the only competitive in Europe for Division 1, indeed Great Britain which offers a wide program is focused on single cylinders and 125 Open (KZ long circuit). The French Open championship remains legally open to licensees of all nationalities.

In 2017, a private Dutch Series (ISS) had to revive after several dormant years. It was planned to make common cause with it during the first event of the season planned at Magny-Cours during the 24h TCE series of the operator Creventic specialist of endurance races. The first intention was to promote this alternative European offer to help the category to thrive on more territories and to organize partnerships on some events in the future. France had even renounced to respond to various solicitations, in order not to hamper the purposes of this cooperation, especially on the occasion of the return of Magny-Cours among the circuits have to receive the Superkart. The ISS series confronted with organizational difficulties decided not to start this project. The French Championship thus remains the only championship or series in this discipline so spectacular to offer a program likely to attract all competitors with competitiveness, seriousness and sporting fairness. (Except the European Championship of course which includes 3 rounds).

The Superkart staff is currently considering possible options, taking over the event initially envisaged at Magny-Cours, or choosing another event at the same time. The disadvantage of the initially scheduled event was its time-table -qualifying and races- planned during the week (Thursday and Friday), penalizing most of the competitors not available on weekdays. The staff negotiates a proposal that should allow timing more suitable.
One of the possibilities studied is to organize an event outside France, moving closer geographically to competitors Germans or Dutch or even Nordic will thus promote its internationally recognized character.
The Dutch Team, masterpiece of the field, renouncing to become operator nevertheless confirmed its presence on the entire French Championship with the engine manufacturer VM. It will be able to assist its customers including French and new pilots with a rental offer. The British teams who are often faithful to the FFSA events will be welcome as this year there is no duplication with their national events.

Jean-Christophe Bourlat et Eric Sévère

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Friday 04 August 2017

  • 09h38 - 10h03 - Free Practice - 25'
  • 13h12 - 13h37 - Qualifying 1 - 25'
  • 16h42 - 17h07 - Qualifying 2 - 25'

Saturday 05 August 2017

  • 13h51 - 14h16- Race 1 - (11 laps)

Sunday 06 August 2017

  • 09h39 - 10h04 - Race 2 - (11 laps)



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