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The Superkart starts its 2017 season late but it’s finally “game time” for the opening event with new potential candidates could join in the fight for top places. The Championship has five rounds including one together with the European Championship, offering a simultaneous final to conclude an inevitable suspense at Le Mans in late October.

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The context :
The French Championship is the only championship (federal or Series) intended for the elite of the Superkart in Europe, apart from the showcase that is the FIA-CIK European Championship. The other active nation, UK, is now focused on its national drivers and the single cylinder. However, if this Competition awards a national title, it is nevertheless international, meeting the required criteria. Declared Open, the French Championship receives indeed drivers from all horizons including in particular British, German and Dutch. Except Le Mans, the Championship is also open to various types of equipment besides the advanced twin cylinder, either older or of promotional formula like the 4 times under development.
The 2017 French Championship begins with the return of the discipline at Magny-Cours, on 20 and 21 April, on a circuit abandoned since a European round in 2013 ! The Superkart will evolve as part of the 24h Touring Car Endurance Series and the new Prototype Series, two FIA series which are booming. The disadvantage of this inaugural stage is that it is held on weekdays but most of the potential drivers (25 probable candidates) were able to make time available, which is highly satisfactory.

Favourite competitors :
The Championship should focus on a duel between the triple champion of France, the German Peter Elkmann who to launch a new challenge decided to switch his machinery (Anderson / VM) and the best Rookie 2016 the Belgian Yannick De Brabander (MSKart / VM). This one with the experience acquired last year will target both Europe and the French Championship as his opponent. Julien Goullancourt vice-champion, injured this winter, will miss unfortunately this event. Conversely, Alexander Sebastia (Anderson / DEA) who had not participated in all the events in the last two season returns challenged the leaders, with ambition because he was the last French Champion (2013). We should also note the come-back of the Swiss drivers in particular Etienne Aebischer who has previously demonstrated his qualities and who goes now on MSKart /VM.

One of the favourites of the Magny-Cours event is the Czech Adam Kout (MSkart / DEA). The double European Champion (2015/2016) came especially for this opening round to launch the match with these opponents. He will be able to verify the value of his winter preparation to preserve his crown. Two other drivers hoping for a podium at the European Championship have decided to rub shoulders with the frontrunners and are likely to outperform; Daniel Clark (Anderson / VM) and Andreas Jost (Anderson / VM). Team Karting Paradise (Ndl) is the most represented team, besides De Brabander it supports L. Kurstjens and a newcomer Julien Poncelet previous European Champion in Karting traditional who will test himself for the 1st time to the discipline.

With improved performance, except for difficult climatic conditions, the old record of the circuit (1'39''057 '' 'by Adam Kout) should be beaten.

Coordinateur Eric Sévère : +33 (0)6 75 42 68 98 - Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.
Communication Jean Christophe Bourlat : +33 (0)6 63 93 27 04

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LE MANS 2017


Samedi  28 Octobre 2017

  • 09H40 à 10H00 Essais qualificatifs 1 - Official time session 1 (20')
  • 14H00 à 14H20 Essais qualificatifs 2 - Official time session 2 (20')
  • Essais qualificatifs - Qualifying practice
  • 16H40 Course 1 - Race 1 (50km - 12 tours/12 laps)

Dimanche 29 Octobre 2017

  • 11H15 à 11H25 Warm up (10')
  • 14H15 Course 2 - Race 2 (50km - 12 tours/12 laps)
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