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une anderson 2012

Autosport Show

The BSA would like to thank all the people that helped man the stand over the 4 days of the Autosport Show an the NEC. We had Gavin Bennetts 2012 spec Div1, Paul Platts MSA Championship winning kart and Ben Willshire's 125 IOpen. All are current BSA / MSA Superkart Champions.

You can see new Chassis Anderson 2012 with the Evolution body
2012-ASI 1

New Anderson châssis 2012 -Autosport Show
James O'Reilly to Div 1 With MS Kart

Jan Cramer from MS Kart in Holland has reported that James O'Reilly will race a Div 1 in 2012. He will be using the MS Kart with the VM Engine. James's first race will be at Hockenheim with the German Superkart Series. O'Reilly will also contest the 4 CIK European Championship Rounds.

Silverstone Test – Sunday 4th March

International Circuit Kart Test on Sunday 4 March:
Maximum noise limit on the day: 102db drive by.
Price per Kart: for 5 x 15 minutes sessions would be £120.00 inc vat

Times on Track:

10:30 to 10:45

11:30 to 11:45

13:45 to 14:00

15:15 to 15:30

16:15 to 16:30

(please note if there are stoppages during the Kart sessions for whatever reason on the day we can't extend the sessions as we are running to a tight schedule with our retail customers.)

Garages bay cost: £60 on the day, but as I said each bay would take about 10 Karts!

All participants must produce a current MSA/FIA Competition Kart Licence when Kart testing and during signing on. A parent or legal guardian must counter-sign the registration form of participants under the age of 18 years. All participants need to be over 16 years old.

Please note the following paragraph which will be on the sign on indemnity:

I confirm that I am solely responsible for my own conduct and my vehicle and that I shall at all times drive in a safe manner to ensure that I do not put myself or other users at risk and in any event in accordance with all instructions provided throughout the day. I further acknowledge that if I fail to drive in a safe manner, I may be removed from the circuit at any time in Silverstone Circuit Limited's absolute discretion and that in such circumstances no refund will be given.

Access to the Venue:

From 07:30am on Sunday 4 March – we are unable to allow access any earlier.

Departure from Venue: 18:00hrs on Sunday 4 March.

Booking will go live on Monday 23 January online:

Please can you circulate this information, we will require at least 20 karts booked on for this date to go ahead, I am sure that this is achievable.

Northern Ireland – 125 Open Explosion

From Ken Walker ,

It is nothing short of astonishing how the 125 Opens in Northern Ireland have clawed back from the brink of extinction – just 2 of them racing with the 250s when I last commentated at a NI domestic round and I have also commentated the 250s twins and singles at Nutts Corner when there were no – ZERO (0) – 125s racing!

So well done to all who have brought them back from the brink. As Keith says, may the downward spiral in numbers in this class in mainland Britain also be reversed.

Also on another upbeat and happy note, Multi Irish Long Circuit Champion (250 and 125) and former British National Champion in 125 Open, Matthew Campbell gets married to Kelly on Thursday 12 January. So a public Congratulations from/on behalf of the Brirtish Superkart fraternity.

Dear Keith battles on tirelessly with his karting work despite his debilitating illness, and long may he continue to do so, and with improving health in 2012 hopefully.

LE MANS 2019


Samedi  26 Octobre 2019

  • 09H10 à 09H30 Essais libres officiels - Official free time session (20')
  • 10H40 à 10H55 Essais chronomètrés 1 - Official time session 1 (15')
  • 13H50 à 14H05 Essais chronomètrés 2 - Official time session 2 (15')
  • Essais qualificatifs - Qualifying practice
  • 16H35 Course 1 - Race 1 (45km - 11 tours/11 laps)

Dimanche 27 Octobre 2019

  • 09H50 Course 2 - Race 2 (45km - 11 tours/11 laps)
  • 14H40 Course 3 - Race 3 (45km - 11 tours/11 laps)

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