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Already crowned in 2007 and 2009, the Briton Gavin Bennett (Anderson-DEA) has added a third European Superkart title to his list of results. And the show was thrilling throughout.

During the whole event held on 23 and 24 October on the Bugatti circuit at Le Mans, Bennett was at the front of the stage: first after practice, he initially won Race 1 and then landed Race 2 whereas he could have been content with cruising along. Although he was not in a position to retire (because it would automatically have meant giving the title to his main rival, Damien Payart), Bennett made it a point to conclude the season with panache, adding the fastest lap time to his victory in Race 2.

Damien Payart (PVP-FPE) seldom left any respite to Bennett. Leader of the championship before the Le Mans conclusion, the Frenchman knew that it was a tricky situation. A small strategic mistake in practice probably handicapped him: he had prematurely put an end to his second practice session whereas the state of the track, slightly wet on some spots, was improving. Otherwise he could possibly have taken the start of both races closer to Bennett. Instead of what, starting from the 7th place, he had to fight hard during the first laps, in particular with Trevor Roberts (Anderson-BRC), John Riley (Anderson-FPE) and Adam Kout (MS Kart-VM), while Bennett went it alone in the lead with disconcerting calm and self-assurance.

At the end of the day, Bennett prevails with 4 wins out of 6, ahead of Payart and Roberts, with a win each at Silverstone. The same Roberts concludes the season in third place, ahead of Peter Elkmann (MS Kart-VM). Analysts will record that this winning quartet includes 3 makes of chassis (Anderson, PVP and MS Kart) and 4 engines of different makes (DEA, FPE, BRC and VM).

The recruits from KZ2 (125 cc karts with gearboxes) made a strong impression at Le Mans: after a splendid fight with Roberts, the Dutchman Arjan Kievitsbosch (MS Kart-VM) made it to his first European podium in Superkart. As for the young Dane Andreas Fasberg (PVP-PVP), who was participating in his maiden European Championship event, he distinguished himself with the 2nd fastest lap time, which earned him many compliments. His two races were less glorious as a broken chain and a seized engine forced him to retire in the last lap of each race. Another “rookie', the Czech Adam Kout (MS Kart-VM), was classified 5th and 6th at Le Mans and, added to his previous performances, these two good results have given him a very honourable 6th place in the final classification of the Championship, between the experienced John Riley and Robert Chilcott (Anderson-FPE).

Historique / Historic Chrono 1

Historique / Historic Chrono 2

Historique Course 1 / Historic Race 1

Historique Course 2 / Historic Race 2


LE MANS 2019


Samedi  26 Octobre 2019

  • 09H10 à 09H30 Essais libres officiels - Official free time session (20')
  • 10H40 à 10H55 Essais chronomètrés 1 - Official time session 1 (15')
  • 13H50 à 14H05 Essais chronomètrés 2 - Official time session 2 (15')
  • Essais qualificatifs - Qualifying practice
  • 16H35 Course 1 - Race 1 (45km - 11 tours/11 laps)

Dimanche 27 Octobre 2019

  • 09H50 Course 2 - Race 2 (45km - 11 tours/11 laps)
  • 14H40 Course 3 - Race 3 (45km - 11 tours/11 laps)

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