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The Superkarts were the first session out so it was an early start for the drivers. There ware 33 drivers signed on including 2 guest drivers in 125's.

Craig Fleming was on the pace after the first few laps and was eventually on pole with a 1:18.781. Chasing Fleming was Bennett, Tucker and Platt with defending champion Jason Dredge down in 7th.

Most drivers were out on the gearing and were not revving out. Mathew Bett had travelled 8hrs from Scotland to qualify 13th but ended his session on the tow truck. Daniel Clarke had the chain snap as he crossed the line on his first flying lap. The Irish driver Richard Dewart changing to new slicks in the session to put in his best time putting him 18th but was another driver out on the gearing.

Race 1

Paul Platt suffered brake problems as the lights went to green. The front rows were away but there was some ducking and diving in the pack to avoid Platt who was stuck on the grid. Eddie Kooiker was seen bouncing off the barrier so that was race over for him. (driver was OK). Out at the front the racing was close. It was O'Reilly, Tucker, Dredge, Fleming and Kennedy in not particular order. I lost count of how many times the lead changed in the first laps. In the closing parts of the race the front pack had dropped Kennedy and Neville by 1 second. 2 laps to go and the back markers came in to play at the Chicane. In they went and out they came. Dredge was earning his number 1 plate trying to avoid a backmarker. As they disappeared from sight on the final lap the team members on the pit wall waited with baited breath. As they came out of the chicane to the flag it was Dredge, O'Reilly, Tucker, and Fleming all within 0.5 of a second. Gavin Bennett had pulled in on lap 7 due to a engine seize but had managed to set fastest lap with a 1:18.039 (106.68mph).

Race 2

I have never seen such an exciting superkart race and I have been to a few over years. Jason Dredge got a good start and lead the pack away and in to the complex. By the time they came around for the first lap all had changed. Jason was 8th and 1.6 seconds down. James O'Reilly was in front with Fleming, Tucker, Kennedy, Neville. All trying to use the same bath towel. The commentator was reporting four abreast around the back of the circuit and leading up to the chicane. For the next few laps it was side bets on who was going to be in the lead when the came out of the chicane. The crowd were being treated to a Torvill and Deane performance at 130 mph plus. 125 Driver, Louise Colin was not letting the boys take all the credit and put in a 100.99 mph lap. Dredge managed to claw his way back to the pack but Paul Platt was also making ground on the leaders and in to the last lap it was Dredge, O'Reilly, Tucker, Fleming with Platt chasing hard. Round they went and it was anyone's race. Up to the chicane it was 4 abreast. On the run to the line it was Fleming, O'Reilly, Platt, Dredge and Neville. All covered by less than a second. What a race. Three different manufactures on the podium Anderson, PVP and Jade that must be good for the sport.

What a race. F1 eat your heart out £5000 for a season!!!.

Points after Thruxton

MSA F250 National
  1. Craig Fleming 50
  2. Jason Dredge 50
  3. James Tucker 47
  4. Jon Neville 34
  5. Don Kennedy 34
  6. James Oreilly 25
F250 Challenge
  1. Andrew Clarke 52
  2. Darran Smith 52
  3. Andy Grimm 50
  4. Toby Davis 40
  5. Martin Goodliffe 34

LE MANS 2019


Samedi  26 Octobre 2019

  • 09H10 à 09H30 Essais libres officiels - Official free time session (20')
  • 10H40 à 10H55 Essais chronomètrés 1 - Official time session 1 (15')
  • 13H50 à 14H05 Essais chronomètrés 2 - Official time session 2 (15')
  • Essais qualificatifs - Qualifying practice
  • 16H35 Course 1 - Race 1 (45km - 11 tours/11 laps)

Dimanche 27 Octobre 2019

  • 09H50 Course 2 - Race 2 (45km - 11 tours/11 laps)
  • 14H40 Course 3 - Race 3 (45km - 11 tours/11 laps)

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