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Motorsport is littered with the names of men who created famous and iconic marques – Ferrari, McLaren, Brabham, Williams, Bugatti …. just a handful of many.

And in the world of Superkarts, the name Anderson is equally synonymous with a history of glory.

An essential part of Russell Anderson's success is his firm's attention to detail, where every component is selected for its quality and reliability. Which is precisely why Venhill has a relationship with the company going back over twenty years.

Here, Russell himself explains why he chooses Venhill's cable and hose products…

What Venhill parts do you fit to the Maverick and Mirage models - and why?

We use their clutch and throttle cabling and Venhill also produce our brake hoses. I like the quality and reliability of these products. The Featherlight cable range is second to none.

What performance advantages do Venhill's products give to your customers?

The driver gets better ‘feel' through the Featherlight cable than any other product. Having absolutely smooth gear changes and smooth application of power through the accelerator can be the difference between winning and losing - so we have to give our customers the best material with which to win. Regarding the brake hoses, it's all down to the reliability factor.

What are the key benefits of Venhill's cables and hoses?

Again - quality and reliability. People rely on our judgement for that. Using Venhill components reflects our reputation for excellence. In our field, our products are deemed to be of the highest quality and Venhill are an important aspect of that. Remember, a 250 Superkart is capable of over 160mph, that's comparable to a Formula 3 car or World Superbike. And we corner faster than the bikes – at that speed everything has to work. That's why we choose Venhill.

Venhill's Featherlight range can be supplied in various lengths with a variety of end fittings.

Venhill's Trevor Howell says: “The Teflon coating & stainless steel inner cable facilitates ultra-smooth control. The Featherlight is perfect for drivers in all karting classes, not just Superkarts.'

Featherlight cables and TUV/Dot-approved Powerhose brake lines are available direct from and at

For more information on Venhill's range of cables and hoses, visit or call Trevor Howell on 01306 885 111.

For international enquiries, please contact Ian Williams Tuning (Australia), Apex Karting Ltd (New Zealand) and Comptech (South Africa). Anderson Karts can be contacted via

Please contact Adam Jones of 100cc PR and Driver Management
Tel - 01702 390348
Mob - 0781 8061503
Web -
Post - 18 Park Street, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS0 7PA

LE MANS 2019


Samedi  26 Octobre 2019

  • 09H10 à 09H30 Essais libres officiels - Official free time session (20')
  • 10H40 à 10H55 Essais chronomètrés 1 - Official time session 1 (15')
  • 13H50 à 14H05 Essais chronomètrés 2 - Official time session 2 (15')
  • Essais qualificatifs - Qualifying practice
  • 16H35 Course 1 - Race 1 (45km - 11 tours/11 laps)

Dimanche 27 Octobre 2019

  • 09H50 Course 2 - Race 2 (45km - 11 tours/11 laps)
  • 14H40 Course 3 - Race 3 (45km - 11 tours/11 laps)

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