After a lively season launch in Lédenon, the Superkart will perform on one of its privileged circuits at Magny-Cours, from May 27 to 29. It is a unique and international event, the Superkart GP of France, a meeting outside the Championship but which will count on many candidates. Almost thirty competitors are indeed expected on the Nivernais circuit. Like last year, the discipline is incorporated into the framework of the Belgian operator BGDC which promotes its 100 series (Tourism/GT) and endurance in 2ch !

Expecteds Participants.

On the one hand, the first stage of French Championship allowed to establish the strengths involved, accompanied by a few surprises. On the other hand, the Superkart has also resumed in Great Britain at Cadwell Park (twice) but the organization of races seems more difficult this year, now bringing together all the categories in a single field among which the division 1 are becoming rare.

The 2022 French Champion, Julien Goullancourt (Anderson / DEA) and his runner-up the Dutchman Sven van de Wardt (MSkart / VM) look like logical favorites, however they were supplanted at Lédenon by Richard Van de Nes (Anderson / VM), the first leader in the French Championship who for its second season has shown exceptional reliability and constant fighting spirit. The latter must now prove, over time, that he can master each event. Beware, however, of the rise of Goullancourt, double winner last year. The presupposed fight between Sven Van de Wardt and Jaime Zuleta teammate, within the same team (MSKart engine VM) could also resume its rights, the Colombian is thirsty for revenge, victim of mechanical problems during his first outing. The circuit has often succeeded for him, podium in 2019 and 2020, he climbed three times on the box last year. Léo Kurstjens is also a fast member of this team, representing the strongest delegation.

We will find among the drivers most likely to run for the podium, the Briton Andrew Gulliford (Anderson / VM). He has had mixed fortunes at home but is therefore already well trained. During these visits to France last year, he performed very well, in particular with a podium at Magny-Cours. We will discover the American John West (MSkart / VM). Mickael Ducher (Anderson / VM) was one of the pleasant surprises for his Superkart debut, he will have to confirm against stiff competition. Unavailable for Lédenon, the Swede Ingvar Bjerge (Anderson / VM of the Respeed Team) is finally starting his season. 1st Gentleman last year, he was also consistent enough to grab 3rd place in the final scratch ranking. It will be the return to the discipline of a former faithful, several times podiums; Cyril Vayssié. First at all, he will have to get back his bearings. Among the come-back or occasional drivers, note the presence of Paul Louveau (MSkart / VM) accustomed to international podiums in DD2 (Rotax) or the female Judith Van der Linde (MSkart / VM) already author of two great performances in 2022.

Last year, the conditions did not allow the times to be improved. The pole obtained in 2021 (Elkmann in 1'38''627''') remains a reference. The record (1'36''576''') now dates from 2017. The best time last year was achieved in race 3 (M.Robinson in 1'39''549''')


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