Race 2: The first rows keeps the advantage. Jost takes control of the race in front of Elkmann, they distance Dredge, Zuleta and Kurstjens who jumped from his last line. Confalonieri blocks his rear end, involving Goullancourt in his crash, the two drivers finish in the gravels. Reinke breaks down in the Adelaide's corner.

Une mediapostMagnycours2019

The Safery-Car is deployed, the time to clear these various incidents. Bad luck for Sebastia who came back in pit-lane (connection to the carburettor) just before Safety-Car passed. He starts again with a lap delay while he will line up fast laps (3rd fastest time). Jost retains the leadership in front of Elkmann. J. Dredge is wide outstripped, then come Zuleta, Kurstjens, Geoffroy Rivet (Redspeed), Bethfort, etc. In the 8th round, Grenier overtake Rivet for the gain of the 6th position, shortly after Lamalle (8th) gives up. Elkmann puts pressure on Jost. At the 10th passage, Elkmann finds the opening, Jost seems in difficulty, recover a few moments then stops, he manages to restart to ... only complete his lap and must give up (engine cuts).

Elkmann wins once again in front of Dredge who makes a great weekend (two podiums and the prize money offered by the FFSA by lottery) and Zuleta who is very satisfied. Not only does he receive the honours of the podium but he also wins the trophies as the first leader of the new "Gentleman" ranking (over 45 years old). Rivet finishes 4th, it is his best score in the discipline, he precedes Portuguese-Swiss Mario de Oliveira. Jost in favour of his lead before dropping is nevertheless 7th and Sébastia 9th; What a pity his untimely stop.

All drivers absent at the maiden event can still enter the Championship (Nogaro & Dijon) for a special rate. The Eurosuperkart Challenge (Enlarged French Championship) includes the next Donington event (on 1 & 2 June).

Results 1st event French Championship of Superkart 19 & 20 April 2019 :
Race 1 : 1. Peter Elkmann, 2. A.Jost, 3. J.Dredge, 4. J.Zuleta, 5. J.Lamalle, 6.E.Confalonieri, 7. C.Grenier, etc.
Race 2: 1. Peter Elkmann, 2. J.Dredge, 3.J.Zuleta, 4. G.Rivet, 5. M. De Oliveira, 6. T. Vandemeulebroucke, 7. A.Jost, etc.
Provisional Standings : 1. Peter Elkmann 50 points, 2. J. Dredge 36 pts, 3. A. Jost et J.Zuleta 29 pts, 5. G. Rivet,19 pts, etc.



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